ABOUT US| Connecting People with Authentic Medicine

We are a team of healthcare professionals with medical and pharmaceutical experience of over 25 years both abroad and in Nigeria. We run this on-demand tech platform to help provide better pharmaceutical services to patients.

Our experience includes the provision of quality medical products and equipments at affordable prices. Furthermore, we provide  affordable medical care to patients with good successes. Our portfolio also extends to the marketing of pharmaceuticals and medical equipment.


We provide an on-demand platform for patients/caregivers and their relatives to order for their prescribed medications right from the comfort of their homes or offices without having to visit the four walls of a pharmacy. These medications are then delivered to any location of their choosing across Nigeria, wherever that may be.

Consequently, we will provide a more convenient means of procurement of medical products and equipments for patients and their caregivers, thereby improving the efficiency of healthcare and pharmaceutical care delivery in Nigeria.

To save your time: Our goal is to help all our clients manage their time better by saving time spent in traffic and on queues. A time that could be channeled into other productive effort.

To bear your burden: It is our priority to help patients reduce the stress of buying medications over the counter. We are particularly concerned about the elderly and their caregivers as well as business people who have to stand in line after a long day. You no longer have to wait in line.