Healthy weight loss is about good nutrition and engaging in exercises that will help you realise a healthy weight. Losing weight is no joke. It demands your commitment, consistency and resources. “Na fat I fat, I no kill person”, “This is just baby fat”, “I have big bones”, “Something will definitely kill a man”, “I cannot kill myself”, are few excuses people give because they do not want to “stress” themselves with anything that has to do with keeping fit and weight loss. If shedding some pounds will help you achieve a better health, do not hesitate, health is key.

5 Top Reasons Why You May Want To Consider Losing Weight

  1. It boosts your immune system.

    Saying no to body fat means yes to a better and more responsive immune system, fewer infections and a healthy life. Many different kinds of cells make up the immune system and they protect the body from gems, viruses and other body attackers. Many factors including diet and surplus body fat can affect and modify the functions of these cells, thereby creating cells that can attack rather than protect our bodies. It has been known for some time that excess body fat, especially abdominal fat, triggers the production of “pro-inflammatory” immune cells, which circulate in the blood and can damage our bodies.

  2. It reduces pain, and improves your body movement.

    Having a healthy body composition helps to strengthen the immune system. To reduce pain effects on your immune system, do what you can to reduce stress on your body. Back pain, joint pain and knee pain increase for many as they grow older, worse still is that these pains are aggravated by weight gain. It is easier for your body to carry a baby who weighs 4kg than a toddler who weighs 10kg or more. Same goes for your muscles and bones, the less weight your body has to sustain, the less pain you will feel. If you are too weighty, you build up excess stress on your joints. Carrying extra weight can also lead to mental conditions such as exhaustion and depression.

  3. It makes you sleep better.

    Not only does shedding extra fat help regulate metabolism, hormone systems and more, it helps you feel, think and live better with a lot of confidence. Sleep is major regulator of our metabolic process. If your sleep is bad, so is your metabolic health and your likelihood of having body pains. Likewise, if you don’t get quality sleep, you might fall sick. By losing excess weight, you reduce the fat in your soft tissues around your upper airways. This allows proper amount of oxygen and carbon dioxide to be exchanged during sleep

and being awake. The human body does a lot of work to keep you going throughout the day. When you eliminate excess weight, you help improve your body’s ability to carry out needed functions such as sound sleep. People who are overweight and obese are at increased risk for sleep problems such as sleep apnea, and other sleep conditions. Poor sleep itself can create its own mess on your energy, mood and wellness.

  1. It helps you have a better mood.

    When you are overweight, your entire system is off balance, and this consists of the hormones that influence your mood. For instance, disruption in serotonin level can cause depression, obesity or mood disorders. Exercising releases feel-good chemicals called Endorphins, which are liable for how you feel after a workout session. They interact with the receptors in your brain, reducing the consciousness of pain and deliver a positive feeling in the body. As a result, losing weight can increase your over-all well-being (confidence, cheerfulness, positive vibes) and decrease the depth of depression.

  1. It improves your sex life.

    Being overweight drops your testosterone levels. Body fat possesses an enzyme that makes the body to produce less testosterone over time. In turn, you feel irritable, sluggish and worn-out. Low testosterone also can cause you to not desire sex often, and this can affect your relationship with your partner. Extra weight, especially excess belly fat can disturb sexual functions in many ways. It can interfere with the body’s ability to stream blood to the penis. Also, it can cause the production of testosterone to decrease. Though research on weight loss and sexual dysfunction is still evolving. There is rising indication that men who get active, eat healthier foods and have a healthy weight will see their sex life improve. It’s been discovered that obesity is connected to lack of sexual enjoyment, lack of sexual hunger and avoidance of sexual relations for both sexes.

Life is to be lived and enjoyed with loved ones. If that is not happening, then something is wrong and needs to be fixed as soon as possible, as life is also short. Exercise is key to reducing blood pressure and irritation, reducing stress and uplifting mood. Therefore, when used in combination with a healthy diet, you should soon see the benefits of weight loss in your appearance, mood and immune system.

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