In our previous publication, (Dealing with erectile dysfunction) we discussed how men deal with erectile dysfunction and what can be done to reduce its effects on your sexual activities as a man. Without an iota of doubt, erectile dysfunction can hurt, both physically and emotionally. It can be quite trying for a woman too. You will find out soon how women are also distressed emotionally and mentally.

A man’s sexual problem, by extension, can also be a challenge for his partner. If you have been battling erectile dysfunction, it is safe to say that your partner is sailing the same ship with you. Experts agree that erectile dysfunction disturbs both partners. The best way to get erectile dysfunction help is to seek help together. It takes two to tango, isn’t it? This way, you both are able to manage and work on finding solutions together.

How she is affected
  • Psychologically: A woman whose partner can’t get an erection finds it really convenient to blame herself for it. She has a lot of thoughts running through her head, and it can be draining. Her line of thoughts; “She isn’t attractive anymore” or “he is probably getting “it” outside”, “she needs to look sexier” so, she dresses to kill. And after all of these, nothing happens still…

  • Physically: …and so she loses concentration in almost all she does. She’s absentminded most of the time. She might not pay attention to how she looks anymore since it never yielded a positive result in the first place. Then she might go into depression. The end result of this is that it will most likely create physical distance between the couple, which can eventually lead to a break up.

  • Emotionally: She’s withdrawn and keeps to herself, since her man wouldn’t discuss his sexual issue with her. She wants to know what the problem is, so as to move on from there, but when her man isn’t talking, it distresses her and it can harm her self-esteem as a woman.

It is important to note that when a man indulges in an open and honest communication with his partner, he is laying foundation for a good sexual

relationship. Many factors will test your relationship and erectile dysfunction could be just one of them. To help your man get is bedroom groove back, below are tips you could follow. These tips come handy after you’ve had an open conversation with your partner.

Tips to follow
  • Be informed: Get as much information as you can on the subject, “erectile dysfunction”. Get to know the causes of erectile dysfunction, the treatment options presented and the best that will work for you both, and make sure you take an active role in the treatment process. In addition, go with your partner to see his doctor, don’t be a spectator, ask questions. This simply means you’re supportive and want the best for your relationship.

  • Be positive: Now that your partner has won the greatest battle by letting you know he is suffering from erectile dysfunction, don’t be condemnatory. Positive feedback is more important than passing on blame. Let him know you’re in this with him. Use words of positive reassurance.

  • Be flexible: Try other means of experiencing intimacy with your partner. Find sexual routines you both enjoy and take the pressure off sexual performance, watch videos on YouTube together. Discover other ways to create intimacy with your partner. Make sure you enjoy every bit and create memories.

  • Be intentionally healthy: One of the best ways to deal with erectile dysfunction is to make positive lifestyle changes and being deliberate about it. Simple actions like quitting smoking and the consumption of alcohol, finding ways to reduce stress and increasing exercise are good for both of you and are great for decreasing erectile dysfunction symptoms. Adopt healthy lifestyle together

  • Be friendly: Make it a lifestyle to treat him well despite his sexual challenge. Give him random hugs and kisses, to let him know you still care. Be understanding when talking to your partner. Don’t by your words or actions label it as his problem.

Communication is important when it comes to dealing with erectile dysfunction. Both man and woman should be open to each other. We know it’s an uncomfortable topic to discuss, discuss it anyway. Talk about the effects it’s having on you and your love relationship, and seek help together. A satisfying sex life is an important ingredient for a healthy romantic relationship, and by extension, a healthy lifestyle. Erectile dysfunction hampers the quality of life of both the male and his female partner.

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