To the Single and the Couple on Valentine\’s Day


Valentine is coming, where’s your boyfriend? You are sitting at home…, you sabi that song yeah?

Okay let\’s get straight to the matter. Valentine is upon us once again and even if you are you are not pumped about it, you cannot deny it. The red in town is almost blinding and every conversation seem to lead to valentine bus stop. Well, like I said earlier, it’s here and we cannot deny it. So, what should be done with love, Lassa virus and coronavirus at large.

To the single people …

who are not in a relationship, it\’s not a day or time to feel lonely while \’your mates are getting \’flowers\’ or boxers\’. This is one time to spread love yourself and connect with your single friends. Remember being single legit isn\’t the worst thing and you know what, you wake up the next morning and it\’s the 15th of February and everything goes back to normal. So, breathe girl, breathe baba. You hear?

To the people wey dey in a relationship…

We are happy for you o. Valentine\’s day is a day to show love specially to each other and to others too if you choose to. Now there are different ways to show love to each other without \’doing\’. However, if you sha wan \’do\’ by doing, we mean, the consensual act of love making, do not forget to be smart. If you\’re not planning to welcome a new member by November, use contraceptives. Do not forget to also use a condom as that is one sure way to protect yourself from STDs and STIs.  

Don\’t be shy

You see, you don’t have to be shy and have an unplanned baby on the way or contract a disease on Valentine’s day. This is why we are here to make your valentine risk-free. Visit and place an order for your sexual performance medications and contraceptives and we shall have them delivered to your doorstep. If you also need help in za other room, we also got you.

Happy St. valentine’s day from us. Remember, spread Love, not germs!

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